Low Cost Factory Audit

We understand our customers. We are sure that you have research in Alibaba during several weeks and you have found 10 suitable suppliers, but you just need to know if the supplier is real and what kind of supplier is.

Usually you can get an idea of what kind of supplier is with just a call, no need visiting the factory because we have the weapons to know if the supplier is an scam or a trading company.

Some of the suppliers that you have found on Alibaba won’t be a good supplier for you. We will help you to decide which one can be a good supplier from the suppliers you have selected.

Of course we will contact the supplier and also we will call the local government to check that the company is registered, we will call the neighbours to see what kind of factory they have and what products they produce. We will confirm with the exhibitions fairs if this supplier really attend to the fair and so on…