Premium Factory Audit

This is a very useful tool for buyers, because this will tell our customer if factory is the right supplier for them. We strongly recommend buyers to always proceed to a factory audit before working with a factory, this will avoid a lot of troubles. China factories are far from Western Factories standards, by not performing an audit you might blindly place an order to a really messy factory.

We want to focus on factory’s production ability and give all the answers to our customer about whether or not the chosen factory is able to provide the quality and service he is looking for.

The Factory Audit in China  is calculated according to the quantity of work that will be needed.That quantity of work will be charged to you by man day , which means by day of work by inspector.The Factory Audit usually only required 1 man day, so its price is fixed , it is 250USD

If you have selected many suppliers then you don’t need to visit them. You can contract our Low Cost Factory Audit before visiting the final selection. We highly recommend work in this way.