Full 100% Quality Inspection

During your day to day business operations, you might face different situations. You might have a new customer you need to impress from the 1st order to secure its business, you might have an existing customer that places a very important order, you might work for the first time with a China supplier difficult to manage. For all those special situations, GloryQC has created a new performant 100% full quality inspection service. The method is simple: Have us control each and every pieces of your China order, no random control. The purpose is simple too: by checking each and every pieces, make sure that your products are 100% quality compliant. The 100% full quality inspection is the only inspection tool that can guarantee you a 0% quality problem.

The 100% full quality inspection  is calculated according to the quantity of work that will be needed.That quantity of work will be charged to you by man day , which means by day of work by inspector.

The price per man day will range between 200USD to 250USD, depending on the 3 below criterias:

1. The total quantity of the order: That is the more important information we need. Usually the more products for an order, the more man days we will need to complete that full inspection.
2. The location of the inspection: sometimes an inspection in a remote place in China might require some extra cost for GloryQC or some extra labor force.
3. The complexity of the product: products are not equal when we talk about quality control. Some products might be very simple to control with only a visual inspection requested, while other products (type electric or electronic products) might need deep function testing

According to your reply to the 3 above important matters, we will then be able to give you a detailed and accurate quotation which will indicate:

1. How many pieces per day each inspector can control
2. How many inspectors and man days we will need to complete your 100% full inspection
3. The cost per man day and the total cost of that inspection